UEL UNISON Branch Annual General Meeting (AGM)

UEL UNISON branch Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2016

Stratford Campus CC.G.05

Wednesday 2nd March 1pm – 3pm (lunch provided at 12.30pm)

All members are invited to attend.

What’s the AGM all about – what happens at the AGM?

The Annual General Meeting is the most important event of the UEL UNISON calendar and takes place every year. It is an opportunity for all UEL UNISON members to decide on how the union works and what it does for the next year.

We hope that the meeting will be a good mix of information, discussion, decision making and an opportunity to network with other UEL UNISON members.

In the meeting:

  • You decide on what we do with our money – and approve or otherwise our accounts
  • You elect our stewards and officers for the forthcoming year.
    • We particularly need more stewards at Stratford!*
  • There will debate on any motions submitted to the AGM (proposals for the union to take a position on an issue and take particular actions on the issue)**
  • We will also review the past year and let you know of plans for the forthcoming year
  • Find out what is happening at other London Universities and also a national update.

*If you are interested in putting yourself forward to be a steward or officer of the local branch, or you would like to speak to someone about what this entails, please feel free to contact any current UNISON representative, or Sue Parkin, UEL UNISON branch secretary S.E.Parkin@uel.ac.uk

**If you feel strongly that UEL UNISON should take a particular position on an issue and to take particular action on that issue, you can submit a motion (a proposal on the issue) to the Annual General Meeting to decide on. If you have any questions about how to write a motion and the submission requirements, please contact Sue Parkin, UEL UNISON branch secretary S.E.Parkin@uel.ac.uk

Did you know that  you are entitled to time off work in order to attend?

Please inform your manager now that you are plan to attend, so that he/ she has plenty of notice.  You are allowed time off to attend Union meetings, so please make use of this agreed arrangement.

If your manager does not agree to your attendance at the AGM, please let us know so that we can discuss this with them.

Please confirm your attendance:

By email to Susan Parkin, branch secretary: S.E.Parkin@uel.ac.uk


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